Policies and Procedures

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The Parish Council must operate under certain procedures which are defined by legislation. These have been adopted by the Council and are set out in the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations which can be seen below.

N.B in September 2021 the Parish Council adopted the latest model Standing Orders and Financial Regulations from the National Association of Local Councils. Minor alterations need to be made to make them fit Cottingham Parish Council’s needs and the final versions will be available as soon as possible.

Complaints regarding Councillors

When Councillors become Councillors, they must sign a declaration of acceptance of office, which includes an undertaking to adhere to a Code of Conduct.

Cottingham Parish Council makes use of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Code of Conduct and we adopted the latest version in October 2021

2021 Code of Conduct

Complaints against Councillors should be addressed to either the Chair or Deputy Chair (if the complaint is against the Chair) of the Parish Council and, at first, will be dealt with internally and informally by the Parish Council.

Should the matter be unable to be resolved internally, or if the complainant wishes to bypass this step, then the complaint is passed onto East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Any complaints regarding the conduct of Councillors to East Riding of Yorkshire Council should be made in writing and addressed to Mathew Buckley, Monitoring Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Beverley, East Yorkshire HU17 9BA or e-mailed to standards@eastriding.gov.uk.

Complaints regarding members of staff

Cottingham Parish Council has a Personnel Committee and any complaints regarding members of staff should be addressed to that Committee. The complaint will then be investigated using our internal staff disciplinary process.

Social Media 

At the Full Parish Council meeting in October 2021, Cottingham Parish Council adopted the following Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy 2021

Emergency Plan & Getting Ready for the Unexpected

Cottingham Parish Council is currently (October 2021) in the process of rewriting its Emergency Plan and the new version will be posted here as soon as it is complete.

The Humber Local Resilience Forum has a document entitled ‘Get ready for the Unexpected’ which provides useful advice on preparing for and dealing with emergencies.

Humber LRF Get Ready for the Unexpected 2019