Council Remit and Powers

Cottingham Parish Council is the tier of Government closest to the people of the village.

Directly it manages the Memorial Gardens on Hallgate, the Allotment site off Park Lane, the village centre CCTV system, has an office providing advice to the public open five days per week, and owns several fixtures around Cottingham such as flower tubs, noticeboards, benches, bus stops, and litter bins (though some of these fixtures are owned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and they are wholly responsible for the emptying of litter bins)

In other areas, i.e. planning, roadworks, crime, and environmental issues, the Parish Council uses its local knowledge to represent the village to those with powers such as East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Humberside Police. Through providing grants, it also supports local community groups and is vital in providing funding for the Cottingham Christmas Lights and, currently, the operation of the Market Green Public Toilets.

It organises two large events per year, Cottingham Day (taking place on the Sunday 2nd July 2023) and the Cottingham Christmas Festival (taking place on Sunday 3rd December 2023)