Allotments in Cottingham

An allotment site behind Northgate was set up by the Haltemprice Urban District Council early in 1955 and has been managed by successive local authorities ever since. Cottingham Parish Council assumed responsibility in 1999. There were originally about 48 large plots on the site but the Parish Council decided to divide each plot into two to encourage new tenants who might find them easier to work. Over the years there has often been a waiting list of some kind, but demand has increased considerably in the last few years.

In 2005 the Parish Council encouraged tenants to form the Cottingham Northgate Allotment Association, and together Council and Association have worked to improve the site and provide facilities for tenants.

The vibrant Cottingham allotment community attracts people from all walks of life and backgrounds. It is a great place for seasoned and new gardeners to grow their own vegetables, fruit and flowers. Many friendships blossom in this space and there is always free advice on hand from the more experienced Plotholders.

Plots are not allowed to lie uncultivated, overgrown with weeds: there can be no neglect with eager tenants waiting in the queue. And when the roadway needs new hardcore or gaps in the hedge require blocking, a work party is soon organized.

Of course, allotment sites always have their problems, be they pests, inclement weather, or occasional vandalism, and Cottingham is no exception. Pests we are finding ways to deal with and droughts we are learning to cope with. Floods we can do little about, and many of our plots were under water during the deluge in 2007. Steps have been taken to make the site as secure as possible against intruders. New fences were erected with the help of a large grant from Awards for All, and other grants from CSV Action Earth have enabled us to plant roses along the front fence.

The facilities provided include the supply of water to a good number of taps and troughs, and there is a car park at both ends of the site. One of the benefits introduced by our Allotment Association is a discount scheme for buying seeds from a leading supplier. Fruit and vegetables of all kinds are being grown, from the old allotment stand-bys to somewhat more exotic vegetables like asparagus and more recent favourites like squashes and sweet corn, and, of course, we grow flowers. There is always an opportunity to exchange plants or to buy trays of seedlings at reasonable prices. We do not (as yet) hold the kind of social gatherings that can be seen on some allotment sites on television; but there are always opportunities to chat, gossip, seek advice, or even grumble!

Allotment Sites

Allotments have never been so popular and the Council’s waiting list for plots on the Northgate Allotments site is ever-expanding. We have been trying to find a second site, with no luck so far. If you, or someone you know, has some land that they would be willing to talk to us about leasing/purchasing, we would be very interested in discussing this with you. The site would need to be approx. 4 acres with suitable access, but we would be happy to talk to anyone who has a suggested site.

Waiting List

Demand for plots has grown in recent years and we currently have 39 Cottingham residents on our waiting list. If you would like to join the waiting list for a plot please contact the Parish Council office at:

  • 9 The Cottages, Market Green, Cottingham, HU16 5QG
  • Tel: 01482 847623
  • e-mail: