Council Sites

Parish Council Offices

The Parish Council owns the Cottages on Market Green in which the Parish Office is located and the adjacent property, which is currently let to a Hairdresser, and is responsible for:

  • Allotments
  • Open Spaces
  • Street Lighting
  • Seats and Bus Shelters
  • Closed Circuit Television System


The allotment site is found to the rear of the King George V Playing Fields. For full details and pictures of the allotments, click the link on the left.

Street Lighting

The Parish Council owns and maintains 124 street lights (footway lighting) in the village. If you see a problem with a light in the village, please contact the Clerk to the Council on 01482 847623 or the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Lamplighter 24 hour faultline on 01482 395740 or click the link in the “External Links” column on the Home Page of this website to report a fault on-line.


The Parish Council owns and maintains 12 seats at various locations within the village. These seats have been provided by, and are maintained by, the Parish Council
For more details please contact the Clerk to the Council on 01482 847623 if you would like to donate a seat.

Bus Shelters

The Parish Council owns and maintains seven bus shelters in the village.

Closed Circuit Television System

The CCTV system which operates throughout the village is owned and maintained by the Parish Council.

Salt/grit bins

17 salt/grit bins, owned and maintained in conjunction with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, are sited throughout the village. These are for use by residents to treat footpaths and roads in their immediate locality and are located at:

  • Southwood Road
  • Station Road, at junction with Hallgate
  • Harland Way, at junction with Mill Lane
  • Lythe Avenue, at junction with Sinderby Walk
  • The Garth, outside Bacon Garth Primary School
  • Crescent Street, at junction with George Street
  • Oakdene,
  • Canongate, at junction with Northgate
  • Kirby Drive, outside No. 6
  • Thirlby Walk,
  • Cave Crescent, at junction with The Wolds
  • Southwood Avenue, outside No. 62
  • Woodhill Way, near entrance to Cottingham Golf Club
  • Badgers Wood,
  • Park Lane, at junction with Grange Drive
  • Crescent Street, at corner of Stones Mount
  • The Dales,

The mixture is not intended for use on private drives, but in the event of heavy snow please feel free to use it on the roads and footpaths.


The Parish Council has, over the years, planted many new trees in the village and its environs. If you see any vandalism of any trees in Cottingham, please report it to the Parish Council Office.