Election and co-option process 2023

A number of residents have asked about the recent election and co-option process.  This is the statement the Chairman made to the last Council meeting which explains the process we followed.

Cottingham Parish Council has 11 seats – all of which were up for election in May 2023.  However, only 9 people put their nominations in to ERYC to be candidates at the election.  As there were fewer candidates than seats, all 9 were elected unopposed.  This is quite common in relation to Parish Councils, but even in a General Election, if there is only one candidate they would get elected unopposed.  If more than 11 people had stood, there would have been an election.

A number of long serving Councillors decided to stand down at the last election so new councillors will be less well known.  However all councillors aim to represent all their residents and you are welcome to contact any of them if you have any issues you would like the Council to consider.

After the election the Council was left with 2 vacancies.  Then one of the Councillors who had been elected, resigned before they took up the role, so we advertised 3 vacancies.  However, ERYC advised us that there were different processes for the 2 vacancies left unfilled from the election and the one arising from the resignation.

As a result we were only allowed to fill 2 vacancies at the June meeting. We then had to follow a process where 10 electors could request a by-election for the other vacancy.  As a by-election wasn’t requested we were given permission by ERYC to fill the vacancy by co-option and to consider the five applications we already had, including the unsuccessful candidate from the previous co-option, at our July meeting.

The co-option process we adopted is used by other Parish Councils.  The application forms for each candidate were circulated to councillors who have read and considered them carefully. We made it clear to candidates that decisions would be made on the basis of the application forms and there wouldn’t be an ‘interview’ or presentation from them.

Cottingham has four electoral wards for Parish Council elections. These are:

  • Castle Ward – three councillors
  • Croxby Ward – two councillors
  • Millbeck Ward – two councillors
  • Priory Ward – four councillors

All eleven councillors are elected at the same time and serve a four-year term of office.   Cottingham Parish Councillors receive no financial allowances for their term in office

The Parish Council has a wide range of responsibilities and represents the interests of residents to other local authorities and organisations.

Ward Boundaries

The current members are:


Kevin Casson

  • 6 Northgate Cottingham HU16 4HH
  • 01482 849674
  • Millbeck Ward

Deputy Chairman

Julia Marten

  • 36 South Street Cottingham HU16 4AS
  • 01482 843399
  • Millbeck Ward


David Longbottom

  • 20 The Spinney, Cottingham HU16 5AU
  • 01482 840583
  • Priory Ward

Ros Jump

  • 4 Etton Close, Cottingham HU16 5LN
  • 01482 842272
  • Castle Ward

Alex Duke

  • 29 George Street Cottingham HU16 5QP
  • 01482 844801
  • Castle Ward

Jill Stubbs

  • 23 The Paddock, Cottingham HU16 4RA
  • 07740 537531
  • Castle Ward

Tracey Booth

  • 54 The Parkway, Cottingham HU16 5HB
  • Croxby Ward

Carolyn Cantrell

  • 90 Lythe Avenue Cottingham HU5 4TE
  • 07951705272
  • Croxby Ward

Darren Graves

  • 59 The Garth Cottingham HU16 5BG
  • 07896 878948
  • Priory Ward

Mark Ward

  • 5 Fimber Avenue Cottingham HU16 5HR
  • 01482 849760
  • Priory Ward

Lesley Kemp

  • 40 Beechdale, Cottingham, HU16 4RH
  • 01482 843534
  • Priory Ward

Nicola Pape

  • 01482847623
  • Deputy Clerk/RFO

Jane Price

  • 01482 847623
  • Clerk/RFO