Cottingham Community & Neighbourhood Plan

Cottingham Community Plan

In 2006 the Parish Council commissioned a report on the future of Cottingham. The proposals and recommendations contained in the plan evolved from ideas and aspirations gathered from local people through a comprehensive questionnaire survey and from a well attended “Community Planning Day” held in 2008 and resulted in the Community Plan being published in 2009.
A copy of the Plan can be downloaded from the column on the right.

However, since the passing of the Localism Act in 2011 the Parish Council has been actively pursuing the development of a Neighbourhood Plan, details of which are shown below.

Cottingham Neighbourhood Plan

The Planning Co-operative, a locally based planning consultancy, in conjunction with IntegreatPlus, from Sheffield, has been appointed by the Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish.
The Plan will be based upon initial research and consultation work carried out in 2013, and on recommendations contained in the Cottingham Community Plan produced in 2009 (see above).

The Neighbourhood Plan will be taking a closer look, from a community perspective, at the form of development local people would like to see on the various sites identified for future development in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s submission allocations document. (January 2014). This can be downloaded in the right hand column.

This will involve a series of half-day community workshops – including one for each of the allocated development sites – designed to allow local residents and other interested parties to put forward their views, ideas and aspirations for the allocated sites, from which the consultants will produce a series of “concept statements” illustrating (in broad terms) how the local community would like to see the sites developed. Details of these Workshops can be downloaded FROM HERE.

The first of these workshops was held on Saturday 1 March to consider the future development on the site designated in the Draft Local Plan as “Cot-F” situated at the junction of Castle Road and Willerby Low Road. A copy of the “concept statement” produced from this workshop can be downloaded in the right hand column.

The second workshop was held on 29 March and specifically considered the site designated as “Cot-C” – Harland Way. The “concept statement” produced from this workshop can be downloaded in the right hand column.

Subsequent workshops have produced more draft Concept Statements which can be downloaded from the right hand column.

HOWEVER, an additional workshop has been arranged for Wednesday 26 November 2014 in the Methodist Church Hall, between 6pm and 9pm to consider the new Cot M area (Park Lane).

In addition, the Neighbourhood Plan will draw up a “Design code”, in consultation with local community representatives, to help improve the quality of new development in the rest of the village, with a particular focus on the village’s Conservation Area.

Any feedback on the concept statements or the design handbook presentations should be sent to

An exhibition of all the work done up to the beginning of September was held in the Civic Hall on Friday 20 September and Saturday 21 September and a catalogue of all the exhibits can be downloaded by clicking on the following link

The Neighbourhood Plan will not be seeking to alter any of the ERYC’s draft allocations or to identify additional areas for development. Rather, it seeks to add value to the planning process and facilitate development of the various sites by feeding in a local perspective to the planning process.

When completed, the Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to examination by a suitably qualified independent person to ensure that it complies with legal requirements and is in line with both national planning policy and the strategic aims of the local development plans produced by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

If this is successful, the Plan will then be subject to a referendum within the Parish in which it has to secure over 50% of the vote if it is to be adopted.

The Parish Council would like to have the Neighbourhood Plan adopted by the end of the year, but are mindful of the need to adhere to statutory guidelines and to maintain consistency with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s own Submission Draft Local Plan which will itself be subject to examination later on this year.